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Integral Spiritual Psychology, Robert Sardello, developing heart-awareness together. HeartfulSoul

Writings, conversations, courses, videos, developing heart-awareness and intelligence of the heart.

Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earth Delights as a Metaphor of Integral Spiritual Psychology


Integral Spiritual Psychology is an endeavour to awaken conscious being and living within the complex unity of body, soul, spirit, earth, cosmos and living this wholeness within the daily life of this civilisation inspiring transformation in these troubled times.

Bosch"s most famous triptych, The Garden of Earthly Delights, imaginally reveals Wholeness emerging. . When closed, the outer panel, titled "Creation", also reveals the simultaneous "Begetting" of forms from below revealing the unity of masculine/feminine Creation/Begetting as occurring now and always.

In a series of "tenets of Integral Spiritual Psychology" and accompanying videos, the overall view of a basis of transforming usual conceptual awareness into heartful awareness and intelligence of the heart is outlined. It can be helpful to begin this inner development by inwardly engaging with the Bosch painting on the cover of his tryptic:

Relax, be Present with this Image, Contemplate it, Close your Eyes, and Feel it Within You. Let go of thinking. Let the image work:

The opened triptych reveals the details of ongoing Creation/Begetting

Contemplating Contemplation in the first panel

  Christ, the prototypal imagination of what human beings can become welcomes humans as spiritual human beings, rather than human beings who do spiritual acts now and then.

 Contemplative Consciousness is needed in order to refrain from falling into sleepy, habitual, unconscious awareness. Many exercises and practices and turning usual conceptual awareness into heartful image-awareness are given throughout the many aspects of the website.


 Notice, in the middle of the sphere at the bottom of the fountain which joins heaven and earth, there is a dark circle, and within the circle is an owl. The methods of Integral Spiritual Psychology require and develop contemplative Wisdom that is characteristic of Nature. The owl also 'symbolises' death. Becoming free of all fear and the fear of death, in particular, is the key aspect of the contemplative methods of Integral Spiritual Psychology. 

The contemplative method of noticing attention itself, allowing attention to take us into the Silence, the awakening of heart-awareness and world heart awareness, follow the Bosch image of the first panel of the painting. 

Any contemplative method involves dying to our previous unconscious ways and opening to the depths of consciousness, a move from living "death life" into fullness of Life. Contemplating the image below helps prepare for the awakened life.

Relax, be Present with this Image:, Close your Eyes, and Feel it Within You.

The inner guide helping us imagine what it is like to live as "pure" spiritual human beings occurs as the middle panel of Bosch's painting, "The Garden of Earthly Delights". The image is NOT one of decadence as typically interpreted, but pure, open, kind, loving, human beings in unity with Nature as the re-creating of the fullness of the spiritual worlds.

There are articles, conversations, invitations to meet others and enter into conversation with them, the beginning of recovering from the addictions of this now decadent civilisation that has forgotten human beings are first bodied, aspects of the whole of nature......

with the task of receiving the spiritual worlds, here, openly, bodily, letting them move through us in continual renewal of the Spiritual Earth. How to go about doing this and how this changes both life and the world are deeply explored inside this site.

Relax, be Present with this Image of Earthly Wholeness, Contemplate it, Close your Eyes, and Feel it Within You, feel how the body feels recognised as an aspect of nature and an aspect of the divine and as creating happening NOW.

The inner guide helping us awaken the capacities to meet and dissolve all that is detrimental to living as spiritual human beings occurs as the third panel of Bosh's painting, "Evil".

 "Evil" is evil only when humans do business on their own, separate from divine fullness. Nonetheless, within Wholeness, evil is a necessity, for otherwise, we would be automatons of the spirit rather than discerning, deciding, spiritual human beings.

A major aspect of the multiplicity of material in this site helps open, again, the natural intertwining of the spiritual worlds and the earthly world -- and, the greatest task of all in World Transformation -- meeting evil with Love rather than fighting against evil which only uses its own methods. 

This site works extensively with areas such as recovering healing from technical medicine by nursing our inner self back to health, inwardly meeting damaging aspects of technology, delving into whether there can be a spiritual dimension of politics.. seeking the spiritual-soul dimensions in areas of our civilisation...

By asking WHO are the non-helpful spirit presences that stand behind the present world and demonstrating how some of these presences do not have human beings in their interest, we come to what to do, practically, contemplatively. Many of the sections in the site develop the means of awakening the truthfulness of heart intelligence, the only source of truth. 

Relax, be Present with this Image, Contemplate it, Close your Eyes, and Feel it Within You -- do not, though, in the process forget to be centred in the heart.

The three panels are not sequential -- going from creation to decadence to death as the so-called greatest evil. The three panels occur simultaneously and are a syncretism resonating the fullness of living as body, soul, spirit, Earth -- consciously. The many aspects of this website site explore the manner of living in this way, the way of Love, and what then occurs.

Writings, conversations, courses, videos, developing heart-awareness and intelligence of the heart.  Integral Spiritual Psychology with Robert Sardello.

Through writings as well as group conversations, courses, webinars, audio and video presentations and events, we enter into developing practical contemplative heart-awareness, heart-intelligence oriented living for our sake, for others, and for Earth.

You do not have to be a psychologist to engage in this work; it does rely upon an intuitive bent, imagination, and interest in bringing inner life into unity with outer living.

Integral Spiritual Psychology, Robert Sardello, developing heart-awareness together.

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